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ARENA Reflectors for 3535 LEDs

ARENA Reflectors for 3535 LEDs

KCLP48xxCRSM is the new Khatod’s family of high-tech Reflectors meant for wide area applications, especially for lighting applications in any type of sport structures and environments, indoor and outdoor. KCLP48xxCRSM Reflectors come in many models. They are square shaped - 145mm x 145mm - and consist of an array made of 48 reflectors, with a 2mm pitch between the optical foci. They perform a variety of NEMA Beam Angle Types, from Narrow Beam (NEMA 2) to Ultra Wide Beam (NEMA 5) and an outstanding Asymmetrical Beam (NEMA 5x6). ARENA Reflectors Product Brief >>  


STRATOS Lenses for Mid Power LEDs


STRATOS are high-tech lenses designed for high bay applications, with a special focus on warehouses. Available with 60°, 90° and elliptical beam angles. The elliptical beam is the core project of Stratos family, unique on the market for this kind of applications. All beam versions do not perform the roto-symmetric distribution. In fact, Stratos lenses are unique solutions for all those lighting applications where a typical roto-symmetric distribution is not sufficient. STRATOS Product Brief >>




Suitable for most polpular 2.0x2.0mm LEDs, Khatod Wall Grazer Lenses deliver smooth and uniform light flux. Perform extreme light output rendering with both white and colored LEDs.
Designed for wall grazing lighting, enhance the structural characteristics of the surface to illuminate, whether it is a wall or a work of art.Optical characteristics, surface finish, size and available shapes make these lenses suitable formultiple applications: from wall fixtures or sconces to recessed lighting, as well as step lights or floor mounted as uplights. The adhesive tape they come with allows easy fixing to the lighting fixture.




Optical systems available in many different multi-lens arrays. Designed to be used only with 3030 LEDs and suitable for standard FR4 PCBs, they allow to create cost-efficient solutions able to ensure high lighting performance in any environment.
So many models and great beam angles availability allow to implement many diverse applications: street light and car parking illumination as well as industrial and sport facilities installations, indoor and outdoor. KFLEX Catalogue >>


SNAIL Silicone Lens

SNAIL Silicone Lens

40.00 mm x 66.00 mm side | 27.74 mm height | Silicone lens for Windows and door applications
SNAIL Lens enables windows and doors to be illuminated by highlighting the frame structure thanks to its excellent blade-shaped beam.
Optical design ensures high performance.
Small size and snail shape make it unobtrusive and elegant. Perfect for architectural lighting outdoors and indoors.