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SNAIL Silicone Lens for Windows and Doors Applications

SNAIL Silicone Lens

40.00 mm x 66.00 mm side | 27.74 mm height | Lens for windows and doors applications
SNAIL Lens enables to illuminate windows and doors by emphasizing the frame structure thanks to its excellent blade-shape beam.
Optical design ensures high performance.
Small size and snail shape make it unobtrusive and elegant. Perfect for architectural lighting, outdoor and Indoor.


Nactus 8 Optical System with 8 Lenses

NACTUS 8 Optical System

173.00 mm x 71.40 mm side | 10.10 mm height | IESNA TYPE II MEDIUM CUT-OFF
Lens pitch: 25.40 mm | LED size 6.5 x 6.5 mm | Lumens per Lens 1410
Designed for use with or without Glass Protection


SILICONE Single Lenses for Tunable White

SILICONE Single Lenses for Tunable White

80mm diameter | Set up to work with 9-LED Clusters, 6 colors
Offer the possibility to create custom LED clusters with different beam angles, while achieving and ensuring high lighting efficiency
PLL2066NASR (6.3° FWHM), PLL2066WISR (33° FWHM)


PIXEL 11x3 Reflectors

PIXEL 11x3 Reflectors for Mid Power LEDs

285.60 mm x 61.00 mm side | 10.25 mm height
Material = Black PMMA + Aluminium Reflective Coating
KCLPL2161AS (30° FWHM Asymmetric), KCLPL2161AX (30° FWHM Double Asymmetric), KCLPL2161ME (30° FWHM), KCLPL2161WI (60° FWHM), KCLPL2161EW (90° FWHM)


11x3 STOCK & SHOP Gen. II, BOX-SHAPE ( 33 TIR Optics )


Optical panels made of 33 TIR optics, box-shape, designed for Mid Power LEDs
Module dimensions: 285.60 mm x 61.00 mm side | 10.10 mm height
PLL2061EW02KH (60° FWHM), PLL2061UW02KH (90° FWHM), PLL2061AX02KH (75°x90° FWHM Double Asymmetric)