Ultra Clear Silicone Lenses for COB LEDs; 100,00mm x 111,00mm side, 42,93mm height; Type V

Ultra Clear Silicone Lenses COB LEDs
100,00mm x 111,00mm side - 42,93mm height
Type V

- Lenses material: Silicone
- Ring Material: PC
- Beam Angle: 60°
- The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with CoBs with 23mm LES, ~5225lm
- Conceived for any system using COB LEDs with LES ranging from 19mm to 33mm diameter

SIO3 Silicone Lens is supplied without the holder. The holder is optional and will be supplied only on request under the KE177614 (Material: PC) part number or under the KE177614ALU (Material: Aluminium) part number.
SIO3 Silicone Lens is supplied without the holder with connector. The holder with connector by Bender-Wirth is optional, available only on request.

-------------------------------------------------- Part Number -------------------------------------------------

PL1824SR [ SIO3 Silicone Lens Type V ]
PL1824SR + KE177614 [ SIO3 Silicone Lens Type V + Holder in PC material ]
PL1824SR + KE177614ALU [ SIO3 Silicone Lens Type V + Holder in Aluminium material ]


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